Engaging Community through Participation


In alignment with the Brewster family values and our approach to service, we take great pride in helping our communities. We are Boston proud and our team consistently gives back and shows their support in all types of community involvement.

Not only are we participating through the services and contracts we have with municipalities at events and other outreach programs, but we are constantly seeking opportunities to provide a lending hand to the underserved or support an important charity.

Seeing and addressing community needs

Handing out water to Brockton Firefighters

Whether we are handing bottled water to Brockton firefighters (pictured) or assisting Plymouth Fire Chief Bradley and Selectman Tavares install donated air conditioning units for the elderly, our team is in action to serve.

Wherever we are, if we see a need, we stop and help. Our goal is not to gain recognition for our actions, but to deepen our understanding of our communities and simply help and serve where there is need.

A Team that Inspires Many

Helping elderly

We are endlessly inspired and moved by the generosity and compassion exhibited by the Brewster team. They give from their heart and spread joy throughout our communities as well as with our customers and one another. We celebrate their team spirit, their eagerness to participate with hands-on work and inspiring attitudes. We thank them not only for their loyal service, but for representing our company's values out in the communities and throughout the Commonwealth both on and off the job.

The components of a Brewster team consists of many important aspects, but the ones we value the most is their ability to provide compassionate care and respect to anyone, whether a patient, customer, fellow first responder, neighbor, homeless person or lost pet. Our people have hearts—big hearts that serve.