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The new fleet of ALS vehicles and community support vehicle for the City of Quincy, MA. (Photo credit MJW)

The new fleet of ALS vehicles and community support vehicle for the City of Quincy, MA. (Photo credit MJW)

Town of Middleboro ALS emergency ambulance service vehicle

Town of Middleboro ALS emergency ambulance service vehicle

911 Emergency Call Service for Towns

Brewster Ambulance Service is known for providing superior 911-call emergency response to towns and municipalities throughout the greater Boston area. This service quality is across the board: dispatch performance where calls are answered with zero call abandonments; ambulances equipped with the latest clinical tools and data capture capability; and skilled, experienced EMTs and paramedics who know the fastest routes to get to those in need.

We currently provide 911 Emergency Ambulance Service in the following municipalities:

  • Town of Middleborough, MA

  • Town of Plymouth, MA

  • Town of Braintree, MA

  • City of Brockton, MA

  • City of Quincy, MA

  • City of Taunton, MA

  • City of Framingham, MA

When your community needs reliable emergency medical service with the quality vehicles and equipment that Brewster values, look no further. We have existing 911 emergency service contracts with towns and have an outstanding track record of performance, which proves our 911-call emergency response capability.

Brewster Ambulance Taunton Fleet prior to July 1, 2016 contract start

Brewster Ambulance Taunton Fleet prior to July 1, 2016 contract start

We will prepare a contract for you that considers your budget, detailed criteria unique to your people and environment, and anything else we can provide that will help your community, facility or hospital have the appropriate EMS coverage. We can provide dedicated vehicles, types of service (ALS/BLS), basic EMTs, paramedics, dedicated PSAP positions including an APCO-certified EMT/EMD, ambulances with specific equipment such as C-MED capabilities, and comply with your specific stipulations. In addition, we often offer educational training programs and other EMS-type support services as part of our contractual agreements.

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Senior Patient being Discharged


Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRCs) which include independent living facilities, assisted living facilities, skilled nursing facilities and Alzheimer’s and dementia care facilities often require 24/7 medical transportation service whether it’s taking a patient to a rehabilitation facility, dialysis appointment or responding to a life-threatening emergency. 

Being able to serve the elder population gives our customer service and patient care quality the chance to really shine. It is our privilege to be the provider entrusted with the care of our community’s seniors and safely taking them to and from their appointments and the hospital.

We also work closely with senior facilities to do staff training in CPR and other EMS techniques as well as preparing disaster plans that keep everyone safe and prepared for the unexpected.

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Medical facilities including hospitals and medical clinics, dialysis centers, acute care centers, specialized treatment centers for radiation and chemotherapy or outpatient services, rehabilitation centers and long-term care facilities require an EMS service that knows the ins and outs of patient care during transport. We also have medical data capture technology that is vital to consistent quality patient care many hospitals are striving to achieve to reduce or eliminate readmissions.

Because our EMTs and paramedics exceed required standards for clinical care and have the experience we require to serve, our patients receive the most thoughtful treatment possible. In many cases, the actual transport of a patient with a serious illness or injury can be uncomfortable, and we do everything we can to reassure our patients that we are there for them and can make any request of us. That’s what we’re about: serving them and their needs while they are in our care.

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Running nurse with gurney