Setting New Benchmarks for EMS Quality

MedFlight Chopper and Brewster P13

The Brewster family has always prided itself on providing the highest quality performance and equipment. But how are we redefining quality measures? We look to industry standards, state and federal requirements for safety in delivering medical care and any other regulatory organization governing our industry.

Many providers stop there. We don't. We have our own definition of quality and are constantly in pursuit of improving our own delivery of the highest quality. We are always asking, "How can we do this better?" and "How can we provide an even safer or more positive experience for our patients?" and "How can we empower our teams to deliver the best care possible?"

We are motivated by our own desire to be the best. To redefine the EMS industry in quality, follow-through and measurement so we know if we are doing it right and succeeding.

Surpassing Standards and Creating New Ones

Brewster FS4 EMS truck

At the absolute minimum, we adhere to all governing regulatory guidelines that dictate EMS performance. And that is just a starting point for us. Our family is quality-focused, and we consistently look for opportunities to improve in all areas, from our team's attire to the way we administer IV fluids to comforting our child patients with a cuddly stuffed animal.

We examine what we are doing and consider "How can we make it better?" We ask for input and feedback not only from our customers but from within our organization, where some of our best ideas are born.

Begin with the Patient Experience and keep going

Taunton medics

Because the patient is at the center of everything we do and why we are seeking the highest quality and safety possible, we start there. Even before an emergency happens, we strive to prepare and educate our communities and those we serve.

We utilize technology such as Smart911™ to provide critical patient data in advance of first responders arrival. Through our outreach programs, we train school-age children in compression-only CPR techniques.

These extensions of information, technology and education are empowering all of the communities and customers we serve to join us in our quest for quality and safety. We constantly acknowledge our team for outstanding performance in providing the highest quality patient care.