George Brewster

Brewster Ambulance Service has been a trusted family owned and operated industry leader serving Boston and the South Shore with the highest quality care for over a century. People come first with us, and our business model is grounded in customer service excellence. Our team is out there building the Brewster brand by delivering customer experiences that create referrals and regular repeat business, and we love that. 

Brewster is also committed to a comprehensive approach to emergency medical services (EMS), a driving force behind the many extra and exceptional services we provide. We recognize that public awareness and education, community involvement, advanced training, support programs for public safety officials and special event planning impacts the success of the EMS system.

This approach also contributes immeasurably to creating and promoting a safe, vibrant and attractive community. We were the first to institute these programs decades ago and continue to offer new initiatives in each of these areas to the municipalities and organizations we serve. We are ready and eager to bring this approach, experience and the Brewster brand of customer service to all of our customers for many years to come.