Brewster Ambulance Insights Archive

July/August 2018

  • Team Profile: Paramedic John Belcher

  • Mark Brewster Named Entrepreneur Of The Year by EY

  • Stress-Busters 2018: Finding a Favorite Exercise Made Easy


June 2018

  • Celebrating 2 years of Brewster Ambulance Insights with links to 2 years of great articles, tips, photo galleries and Brewster news

  • May and June community outreach

  • CMTI, Inc. training schedule


May 2018

  • Team Profile: Steve Dinsmoor, EMT-B/IT Department

  • EY Entrepreneur Of The Year Semifinalist Mark Brewster

  • Stress-Busters 2018: 12 Easy Stress-Relieving Practices

April 2018 Insights Newsletter

April 2018

  • Team Profile: Pete Zampine, Director of Business Development

  • In-Depth: Amazon Alexa in Brewster's ALS Ambulances

  • Stress-Busters 2018: Coping with Stress Related to Addiction

BAS Insights March 2018

March 2018

  • Team Profile: Brockton Paramedic Tom Brennan

  • Ambulance Safety, Driver Education and GPS Telemetrics

  • Stress-Busters 2018: How to Relieve Work-Related Stress


February 2018

  • Quincy Paramedic Patrick Brown Works Boston-Metro DMAT

  • Team Profile: Bill Lima Jr., Paramedic, Brockton

  • New Brewster Ambulance Brockton Base Opening


January 2018

  • 9-1-1 Municipality Profile: City of Taunton

  • Team Profile: Emily Abraham, Paramedic, Brockton

  • Take a Look Back at 2017—Another Great Year for Brewster


December 2017

  • 9-1-1 Municipality Profile: City of Brockton

  • Team Profile: Brockton Paramedic Kasey Colligan

  • Cultivating a Winning Team at Brewster and EasCare


November 2017

  • 9-1-1 Municipality Profile: City of Quincy

  • Team Profile: Carrie Ryan, Paramedic and Field Supervisor

  • Team Profile: Chris DiBona, Director of Clinical Quality


October 2017

  • Announcing RN1 Now In Service

  • Municipal Profile: Town of Braintree

  • Toradol Use Gets A Nod From The State


September 2017

  • 911 EMS Municipal Profile: Town of Plymouth

  • Making Dialysis Work Better for Patients

  • Team Profile: Paul Skarinka, Paramedic, Plymouth


August 2017

Best of these categories from the last year of Brewster Insights newsletter:

  • Company news

  • Safety and EMS training

  • Team and partner profiles


July 2017

  • Team Profile: Mike Still, Wareham EMT

  • Becoming a Better Team Through Collaboration

  • 9-1-1 Municipality Profile: Town of Middleboro

Brewster Insights June 2017

June 2017

  • Team Profile: Cameron Mechan, Taunton EMT

  • 7-Year Anniversary and Grand Opening Celebration

  • Staying Safe on the Job: EMS Responsibilities


May 2017

  • Emergency Medical Dispatch: A Critical Component to EMS Success

  • Team Profile: Chelsey Ferstler, Emergency Medical Dispatcher, Brockton

  • Operational Medicine and Brewster Ambulance Service Quincy TEMS


April 2017

  • Partner Profile: Chief Edward Bradley, Plymouth Fire Department

  • Brewster Ambulance Service's New Toradol Pilot Program

  • Massachusetts Opioid Legislation—Tackling the Opioid Epidemic


March 2017

  • Team Profile: Keith Wilson, Director of Education/CMTI, Inc.

  • Brewster and CMTI: Our Team and EMS Training

  • Provide Feedback on Brewster Communications


February 2017

  • Team Profile: Bill Goodwin, Paramedic, Quincy Base

  • Winter Storm Safety: What You Need to Know

  • Winter Weather Driving and Road Preparedness Tips


January 2017

  • Team Profile: Kim Cordeiro, Director of Operations, Brockton Base

  • Brewster Ambulance Service 2016: A Year In Review

  • Brewster Insights Readership Survey: Tell Us What You Want to Know


December 2016

  • Top 10 EMS-Inspired Tips to Get You Through The Holidays Happy

  • Team Profile: Steve DaSilva, SE Mass Field Supervisor

  • Brewster Update: The XFinity Center and the City of Taunton

Brewster Ambulance Insights November Issue

November 2016

  • Getting Smart with Smart911™

  • Team Profile: Deb Gilbody, Boston Billing

  • Investing in Patient Safety

  • Holiday updates and turkey giveaways


October 2016

  • Understanding How to Manage EMS-Related Stress

  • What is Community Paramedicine?

  • Team Profile: Chair Car Charlie Gannon


September 2016

  • Philips HeartSmart FR3 Defibrillators

  • Quincy Marina Fire case study

  • Team Profile with Plymouth Paramedic Robert Farmer

  • Brewster Ambulance's new LinkedIn Company Page


August 2016

  • Helping Brockton's Champion Plan

  • Meet the Brewster Ambulance drones: An interview with Brewster Ambulance Director of Clinical Quality and Certified Aerial Drone Pilot Chris DiBona

  • A Day In The Life with Braintree Paramedic Tevin Murray


June 2016

  • Brewster Ambulance team benefits and cost saving measures

  • Team Profile: Braintree Paramedic Jonathan Oates

  • Keeping safety in mind for all first responders


May 2016

  • Brewster welcomes the City of Taunton as its 6th 911 municipal contract

  • Brewster Ambulance purchases CMTI

  • Official groundbreaking of the new Brewster Ambulance Service headquarters in Weymouth, MA