Our mission is to provide safe emergency transportation to people with medical support needs while providing exceptional customer service.

For over a century, Brewster Ambulance Service has been a family-owned and operated industry leader offering exceptional, high-quality care on which communities and patients rely and trust. We understand the personal and medical needs of patients and their families, and whether responding to an emergency or transporting a patient to and from an appointment, Brewster Ambulance Service offers on-time service, top EMS professionals and world-class care.

Our guiding principles include:

  • Treat every individual with dignity and professional courtesy
  • Provide the necessary medical support to maintain patient status and comfort during transport: do no harm
  • Utilize the most advanced and appropriate clinical equipment that best serves our customers and communities
  • Understand a patient’s need for sensitivity and discretion
  • Express the highest customer service at every opportunity
  • Dispatch properly equipped vehicles maintained to predefined levels of reliable performance which adhere to all State and Federal safety and maintenance regulations
  • Empower and engage our team by providing opportunities for career growth, education and the ability to contribute to the company’s success
  • Make the company’s objectives clearly communicated and understood throughout the organization
  • Partner with customers to provide continuous feedback for improvement in quality, price and service
  • Create new opportunities for community outreach that include educating the public on proper use of emergency response practices such as CPR and automated external defibrillators (AEDs)
  • Be stewards of the Brewster family brand and over a century of serving the Greater Boston area by continuing to provide medical transport excellence and quality customer service with compassionate care