Meet the Leadership team

We are a close-knit group of seasoned EMS experts who take immense pride in serving our community. Our customer-focused team comprises diverse and experienced people whoindividually and as a companybring unique sets of talent to everyone and every community Brewster Ambulance serves.

 Continuing the family traditions: George Brewster and his sons, Mark Brewster and George Brewster Jr. (not pictured)

Continuing the family traditions: George Brewster and his sons, Mark Brewster and George Brewster Jr. (not pictured)

Mark Brewster and George Brewster, Jr. grew up working at the original Brewster Ambulance under the leadership of their father. By 1993, Mark was an operations supervisor for the company—managing the daily operations for 45 ambulances and 170 crew members in Brewster Ambulance’s South Division with three 911 systems. George became an operations supervisor for our Boston Division supervising and managing the day to day operations for multiple 911 systems and for more than 50 ambulances with over 225 crew members.

This leadership and expertise, combined with the energy and capability of the Brewster Ambulance team, enables Brewster Ambulance Service to provide diverse skill sets and coverage to each community, healthcare organization and care facility we serve.

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Mark Brewster
President & CEO

Mark Brewster is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Brewster Ambulance Service. The ambulance service has been in Mark’s blood since he was a kid—he started out sweeping floors and then worked his way to learn every aspect of the business and made it into a career. By 1993, Mark was an operations supervisor for the company and managed daily operations for 45 ambulances and 170 crew members in Brewster Ambulance Service’s South Division with three 911 systems.

Mark’s latest growth included the purchase of Comprehensive Medical Training Institute in 2016 to expand Brewster's in-house training capabilities. Also purchased in 2016 was EasCare Ambulance Service, which had been a division of Medavie Blue Cross of Canada. With the acquisition of EasCare, they have added over 100 more vehicles as well as 500 employees.

George Brewster Jr.

George Brewster, Jr.
Vice President & COO

George Brewster Jr. is the Vice President and Chief Operations Officer of Brewster Ambulance Service.  George Brewster, Jr. grew up working at the original Brewster Ambulance under the leadership of his father.  By 1993, George became an operations supervisor for our Boston Division supervising and managing the day to day operations for multiple 911 systems and for 50 ambulances with over 225 crew members.

Before coming back into the industry, George owned multiple car wash locations in Quincy. He specializes in multiple aspects of the ambulance service, but his true passion is for vehicles, maintenance, equipment and supplies. George has built a diverse team with a solid foundation and runs a system within the company that ensures everything is functioning at peak performance.

George Brewster Sr.

George Brewster, Sr.

George Brewster, Sr. operated Brewster Ambulance Service up until the purchase of Brewster Ambulance Service in January of 1997 by Laidlaw Inc. George remains a senior advisor to both Mark, George Jr. and the leadership team, and continues to foster the culture and patient quality approach that Brewster Ambulance became known for since 1906 when his grandfather founded the company.


Kim joined Brewster Ambulance in 2010 as an EMT Basic in Boston. She later moved into Brewster Ambulance's Communications Center as a dispatcher and shortly thereafter, was promoted to Communications Supervisor and later to Communications Manager.

Kim is a certified EMT-B, APCO Emergency Medical Dispatcher, and an APCO Emergency Medical Dispatcher Instructor. Kim transitioned to Director of Operations, Brockton, in January 2016. As an operations manager, she handled every aspect of the division from personnel issues, commendations, discipline, quality assurance for all contracts within the division, scheduling, payroll, upholding standards, policies and procedures, and also maintained a strong working partnership with the Brockton Fire Department. Kim was promoted to Executive Manager in 2017.

Kim attended Curry College in Milton, majoring in Criminal Justice and minoring in psychology. She is also a certified substance abuse counselor.


Keith’s primary responsibility is to oversee all educational services for Brewster Ambulance Service and Comprehensive Medical Teaching Institute. Keith started his EMS career at Brewster Ambulance Service as part of the original team in the 90’s and has been in the industry for 25 years.

Keith also worked as a Paramedic for the City of Boston Emergency Medical Service and has spent many years providing EMS leadership in the fire service. Keith founded Comprehensive Medical Teaching Institute in 2009, a CAAHED-accredited EMS teaching company, which has now been incorporated into the Brewster Ambulance Service network of companies. 

Keith is a graduate of UMBC Critical Care Paramedicine Program, Cape Cod Community College and has also attended the University of Richmond’s Emergency Service Management Program. Keith holds multiple EMS teaching credentials, and he continues to provide guidance and leadership for all aspects of EMS education.

Jeff Cronin

Jeff Cronin
Director of Communications

Jeff oversees the 911 intake, EMS delivery, pre-arrival instructions, training and education associated with Emergency Medical Dispatch and non-emergency medical transportation requests. He has over 23 years of Emergency Medical Service experience. 

Between 1994 and 2018 Jeff served as an EMT, Emergency Medical Dispatcher, EMD Supervisor, EMD-Q Performance Improvement Manager, Operational Systems Controller, Communications Manager, Business Account Manager, Associate Director of Communications and Director of Communications.

Steve Doyle

Steve Doyle
Director of Information Technology, Brewster Ambulance Service

Steve oversees all aspects of Information Technology. His responsibilities include the planning, maintenance and performance of all data flow to and from our multiple communications centers and over 250 field units. Steve and his team look for ways to enhance critical infrastructure and integrate new and emerging technologies embraced by Brewster.

Steve began a career in EMS with Reardon Ambulance Service in Dorchester in the 1980’s and worked in communications, operations and management before transitioning to technology in the early 90’s. He joined EasCare Ambulance in 2000, managing their information systems before becoming part of the Brewster team in 2016. Steve holds a degree in Information Technology from the University of Massachusetts.

Chris Dibona

Chris DiBona
Director, Clinical Performance


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Chris oversees clinical development, quality assurance, education and research associated with pre-hospital medicine. He has over twenty six years of pre-hospital care and clinical experience and was part of the original Brewster Ambulance team. After moving to Denver, Colorado, to deepen his experience with a career in EMS, he returned to Massachusetts and worked for multiple non-transport, hospital-based advanced life support services along the south shore.

Chris also worked for ten years with Boston MedFlight as a flight paramedic and was previously the Tactical Medical Element Leader for the Metropolitan Law Enforcement Council, Quincy Police Marine Unit, and the FBI Boston SWAT Advanced Life Support Division. Chris is a graduate of Northeastern University and has extensive training in Advanced Trauma Life Support and Fundamentals of Critical Care Support for adult and pediatric patients.

Jeff Begin

Jeff Begin
Director of Operations, Divisions 3, 4 and 5

Jeff started his career with Brewster Ambulance Service in 2015 and has been a staple in the southeastern Massachusetts EMS community for over 25 years. He has extensive experience as a clinician and brings equal experience in the management of high-volume ambulance fleet encompassing both emergent and non-emergent care and transport.

Jeff is an active member of numerous EMS committees and advisory boards. He also lends a hand to his hometown ambulance provider while functioning as a Field Supervisor for the Swansea Ambulance Corps. Jeff brings with him deep knowledge of his operational area which comprises Middleboro, Taunton, Attleboro and the south coast areas.

Pete Zampine

Peter Zampine
Director, Business Development

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Peter has been in a leadership role in the printing industry for close to 30 years, owning and building the largest privately-held company in the Northeast. His role as Senior Vice President and Owner included managing more than 35 sales representatives located nationwide, and he also managed 350 employees at six different facilities operating 24-hours-a-day, six-days-a-week.

After the sale of his company, Peter became the Director of Business Development. He leads the business development team and streamlines communications between our clients and operations.

Rich Grondell

Rich Grondell
Director of Fleet Management

Rich joined Brewster in December, 2017, as the Director of Fleet Management. Rich has been in the automotive business for over 15 years. Rich’s expertise is in parts, service and structure of a successful maintenance program.

Rich started in the automotive and power sports industry at very young age working his way through the ranks and learning all of the different aspects within the dealerships always looking to learn and better himself.  Before coming to Brewster Ambulance Service, Rich was the service director for a large general motors dealership where he oversaw all workmanship and service facilities productivity.

Rich’s experience in the parts and service department gives him the ability to maintain proper inventory to ensure all units are able to be repaired in a timely manner. He is passionate about keeping vehicles and employees safe. Rich maintains an outstanding rapport with his employees which always leads to increased productivity, thoroughness, and willingness to perform any task requested.

Danny Thomas

Danny Thomas
Director of Operations, Division 1

Danny has 25 years of experience in the public safety arena. He was an EMT/ FTO and Operations Supervisor for the original Brewster Ambulance. Danny also spent 17 years with the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Department as a Deputy in the Enforcement Unit.

After the sale of Brewster Ambulance, Danny held several administrative and operational positions with Boston MedFlight and has now returned as Director, Quality Assurance, for Brewster Ambulance Service. Danny is a Certified Medical Transport Executive and an AHA CPR instructor. Danny’s clinical interests include geriatric trauma prevention and community-based health initiatives.

Mark Gassiraro

Mark Gassiraro
Director of Operations, Division 2

Mark began his career in EMS at Norfolk Bristol Ambulance as chair car driver in 1992. A year later he became an EMT, and in 1997 he earned his paramedic license at Northeastern University.

Mark started with Brewster Ambulance Service in 2014 in the Town of Braintree as part of the team working the 911 emergency ambulance contract. He became a Field Supervisor in Quincy in 2015, Lead Supervisor of Division 2 in 2016 and Operations Manager of Division 2 and 6 in 2017.

Mark has an Associate of Science Degree in Fire Science and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Fire Administration.