ALS Vehicles

Brewster Advanced Life Support (ALS) vehicles include Zoll® ECG monitors with 12 lead capabilities and noninvasive hemodynamic monitoring. They also are equipped with Newport HT70 mechanical ventilators with multiple mode selections as well as noninvasive BiPAP/CPAP capabilities, ePCR charting and IVAC 3 channel medication infusion smart pumps. Enhanced trauma service capabilities also come with a versatile complement of advanced life support medical supplies and apparatus to manage and care for critically ill or injured patients.

BLS Vehicles

Each Basic Life Support (BLS) ambulance carries BLS medical supplies including glucometers, albuterol, defibrillators, aspirin, EpiPens, pulse oximetry, intranasal naloxone administration, splints, bandages, oxygen tanks and masks, and spinal immobilization equipment.


Wheelchair Vehicles

We can transport up to two (2) wheelchairs at any one time with seats for family members or staff to accompany the patient. Our wheelchair vehicles comply with ADA standards.