Because we measure our performance at all patient touchpoints, accurate data capture is extremely important to us at Brewster. We currently utilize an ePCR software—one of the most sophisticated EMS software platforms in the country—to electronically document our patient interactions, closing the information gap that occurs when ambulance transport is a part of a patient’s care continuum. This software is Brewster Ambulance Service, NEMSIS Gold and MATRIS-compliant software.

For organizations focused on quality care, sustainability and wellness, and uses interoperability as a strategy to execute against performance goals. The ePCR data that we collect can be itemized for our customers to either live physically in their record-keeping system or electronically within the Epic system for staff, clinicians or hospitals to access.

A few of the important data points we collect include patient demographics, emergency contact information, accurate timing, medication allergies and medical history, vital signs, 12 lead ECG readings and a descriptive transport event narrative, among other data.

The ePCR electronic charting application is an intuitive, EMS-friendly platform that runs on any internet-ready computer or mobile device, even without continuous internet connection.

ePCR software application features include:

  • Intuitive workflow with open data entry, providing the operator the choice to enter information freely and in any order

  • Multiple data input options, including search filters for easy navigation and dropdown lists

  • Validation tools to help ensure the calls are complete

  • Mobile device applicable for even greater efficiency and flexibility out in the field

  • Patient lookup tools for easy, fast access to a previous patient’s important data such as medical history/medication/allergy and billing information

  • Assessment tools that work for EMS including initial and ongoing assessments and pertinent positives and negatives

  • Multi-language signature support

  • Sophisticated vital sign documentation tools including Wong-Baker faces pain scale rating with mouseover animation and automatic calculation of Glasgow Coma Scale, Revised Trauma Score (RTS) and Pediatric Trauma Score (PTS)

  • A quality management module for improved clinical care and data documentation, allowing system augmentation and equipment changes that promotes quality patient care

  • Quick-treat functionality that allows providers to quickly and easily record patient vitals, medications administered, cardiac arrest treatments, and other EMS events regardless of where they are in the patient record, with automatic time stamping of these events

  • Mobile-to-Mobile Data Transfer functionality that moves data from one mobile computer to another so that receiving units avoid ­re-entering information that has already been captured by a previous crew

  • Specialty patient forms for MVCs, burn patients, Massachusetts Stroke Scales, obstetrics, cardiac, neuro, ICU and trauma patients

  • Reporting capabilities with powerful drill-down and export capabilities, plus auto-scheduling functionality

  • AutoSync functionality which automatically syncs data from mobile to web at regular intervals

Brewster Ambulance Service will work with each customer to develop the best solution possible for the sharing of patient transport data captured by our ePCR software.