Dialysis Program: 2018 Update

Dialysis center

We are happy to introduce to you the new Brewster and EasCare Ambulance Dialysis Program under the supervision of Nancy Medeiros-Botelho. Nancy previously worked in our Business Development department but is now the Director of Dialysis Patient Management and will be responsible for the development and direction of the Dialysis Program and its patient base. She will work with our team to build and maintain policies and procedures as they pertain to the delivery of dialysis care and transportation. Nancy will also perform outreach with our dialysis patients and their sending and receiving facilities for the creation of strong business and personal relationships.

Strong relationships with our regular dialysis patients are paramount to the success of the Dialysis Program. This program is designed to work for the benefit of each patient who entrusts their regular dialysis transport to our services. This will be achieved through the teamwork of all involved, from initial intake via our dispatch center, to each transport by our field staff, to eventual discharge from our care. Dialysis patients are unique in their needs and require special attention due to their complexity and constantly changing care requirements. These needs require us, as an agency, to create and maintain policies and procedures as they relate to the direct care and management of each dialysis patient. Brewster and EasCare Ambulance is committed both to providing the best care to our patients and to maintaining strict compliance with the local, state, and federal regulations that allow us to continue to provide this care.

Below you will find the Repetitive Patient Intake Procedure that dispatch will be following. Please note that this outline describes initial patient intake to dialysis transportation, not day-to-day operations. Our nurses will be doing these evaluations every 60 days. IT is currently working on setting up a hotline for staff to report or discuss any dialysis compliance issues. In the meantime, if you have any issues, please email Nancy at nbotelho@brewsterambulance.com.

  1. Facility contacts Dispatch to schedule recurring dialysis transports.
  2. Call taker fills out Repetitive Patient Intake Form—found at dialysis.brewsterambulance.com—which generates a ticket.
  3. The call taker books the recurring call into the CAD system.
  4. The ticket is then automatically sent to the dialysis email for documentation of care requirements and for use by billing (Dialysis email: dialysis@brewsterambulance.com)
  5. Once billing receives the ticket, the insurance will be verified. a.) The billing department will fax the medical necessity form to the patient’s doctor to be filled out and returned. b.) If there is a co-pay or an issue with coverage the Director of Dialysis Patient Management is notified to contact the patient or the patient’s healthcare proxy.
  6. The patient is evaluated by a Brewster Ambulance contract nurse as soon as possible to confirm the appropriate mode of transport and an Evaluation Form is completed.
  7. The completed form is sent to billing to be filed in the patient’s folder.
  8. The repetitive patient is to be re-evaluated every 30 days for patients with Medicaid or 60 days for all other insurances , OR as needed and a Re-Evaluation Form is completed. a.) As needed refers to any circumstance which may cause a change in care requirements prior to the necessary 60-day re-evaluation.
  9. If there is any change to the patients status and/or mode of transport a Change of Status Form is to be completed as soon as possible.

The Dispatcher will make the necessary changes into the CAD system and a new ticket will be generated and emailed to the dialysis email. If you have any questions regarding this program, please contact Nancy Medeiros-Botelho at nbotelho@brewsterambulance.com.