2018 EMS Week Photo Gallery

2018 EMS Week Photo Gallery

Brewster Ambulance Service and EasCare Ambulance Service celebrated the 44th annual National EMS Week from May 20th to the 26th, 2018. Weeklong events for the team included:

  • Employee thank you The Sausage Guy lunches compliments of Quincy Credit Union at Brewster Headquarters, Brockton Headquarters and EasCare (in JP) Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday respectively

  • Custom National EMS Week T-shirts for the team

  • Plan-IT Triva Contest with daily prizes for winning participants

Creating the New Scheduling Department

Creating the New Scheduling Department

With the growth of both brands—EasCare and Brewster Ambulance—in the last 18 months, leadership has been regularly assessing all areas of the companies, from dispatch to billing to training and education. There are opportunities in several departments for consolidation and leveraging our teams to bring more efficiencies and economies of scale. Scheduling is one area we are looking at ways to improve information flow and how we can better accommodate the needs of our team regarding their work shifts and duties.

Team Profile: Patrick "Chucky" Benevelli, EMT/Supervisor, EasCare—Worcester


PB: I've been with EasCare for over 5 years. It was my first EMS gig. My position consists of overseeing operations in the western region. I'm responsible for medical supplies, taking care of the crews, taking care of the people here and making sure that they have what they need to do their job and enjoy coming to work every day.

I like to make sure the crews have what they need to do their job well and assist them as needed, like during the snow storms. When they get stuck, I like to give them an extra set of hands or go to the hospital or go there to help crews move patients. I don't necessarily interact with the facility, per se, I'm more there to help the crews. I also make sure the policies are understood, followed and enforced. My approach is that I don't like to lead with discipline, I'm more of a lead by an example/lead by positive reward in the workplace. 

Quincy Paramedic Patrick Brown Works Boston-Metro DMAT for Hurricane Relief

Brewster's own Quincy Paramedic and Worcester firefighter Patrick Brown is a member of the Metro-Boston (MA-1) Disaster Medical Assistance Team, a component of the National Disaster Medical System. After the devastation of Hurricane Irma (second strongest Category 5 hurricane in the Atlantic) and Hurricane Maria (tenth-most intense Atlantic hurricane on record and most intense tropical cyclone worldwide), Patrick and his MA-1 team were activated to provide emergency medical care to those in need.