The Brewster Family Values Started it All


Since 1906 when George W. Brewster founded Brewster Ambulance Service, the family's values have driven our company's philosophy and approach. We've always held business goals of providing excellent customer service, reliability, and on-time performance as well as deploying the best quality equipment and vehicles. But above all, integrity in all that we do.

None of these goals would have been achievable let alone sustainable were it not for the family's values embedded in respect, quality patient care and service excellence. Through the generations, the family leadership has lived by example in passing along their values and what is most important to them in business and in life, but mostly in caring for other people.

Our Business Goals Align with our Customer's Goals


When we begin working with a new customer, we want to understand who they are and what they are trying to achieve in their organization and for their customers. What goals do they have for their operations? For their community? For their staff and customers? What have they struggled with in the past or with prior providers that we can help them repair and improve? These are just a few of the considerations we evaluate when getting to know our customers and in creating service plans that not only meet their goals, but many times exceed them.

This is how we run our business—we focus on how we can best utilize our team's skill and experience, our services, our operations and equipment to bring the best solution that helps our customers meet or exceed their goals. THAT is our goal—and our organization's culture is built on that framework of customer satisfaction driven by Brewster family values. This unique combination of values-driven service had propelled our success generation after generation, and allows us to have high loyalty and retention on the Brewster team because we instill this culture in everyone within our company.

You're part of the family is not lip-service


Many companies may say, "When you work for us, you're part of a family." In the case of Brewster Ambulance, our team is our family. This claim is held strong from the very topmost executive in the organization with the last name Brewster. Our leadership strives to know each person by name, and have the opportunity to get to know them, their family, their goals and interests. Our leadership values the uniqueness of each person on the team and wants each person to feel welcome, appreciated and most of all, acknowledged for who they are and what they contribute to the organization as a whole.

That's why the company invests in getting the organization together on a regular basis through company outings, picnics, holiday celebrations and community outreach activities where everyone on the team can get to talk with leadership and meet others within the organization. There is an active open-door policy throughout our company and we encourage our team to share ideas, suggestions for improvement and other valuable insights so we may improve our delivery of services. They are on the front line learning what our customers most want, and they have the best vantage point to bring that intelligence back to the company for discussion and implementation.

Our culture is driven by Brewster family values. Based on respect and integrity. Based on teamwork and professionalism. We are team Brewster. We are a family of diverse people who care.