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Who We Are

Mark Brewster
President & CEO

Mark Brewster is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Brewster Ambulance Service. The ambulance service has been in Mark’s blood since he was a kid—he started out sweeping floors and then worked his way to learn every aspect of the business and made it into a career. By 1993, Mark was an operations supervisor for the company and managed daily operations for 45 ambulances and 170 crew members in Brewster Ambulance Service’s South Division with three 911 systems.

Mark’s latest growth included the purchase of Comprehensive Medical Training Institute in 2016 to expand Brewster's in-house training capabilities. Also purchased in 2016 was EasCare Ambulance Service, which had been a division of Medavie Blue Cross of Canada. With the acquisition of EasCare, they have added over 100 more vehicles as well as 500 employees.


George Brewster Jr.
Vice President

George Brewster Jr. is the Vice President and Chief Operations Officer of Brewster Ambulance Service.  George Brewster, Jr. grew up working at the original Brewster Ambulance under the leadership of his father.  By 1993, George became an operations supervisor for our Boston Division supervising and managing the day to day operations for multiple 911 systems and for 50 ambulances with over 225 crew members.

Before coming back into the industry, George owned multiple car wash locations in Quincy. He specializes in multiple aspects of the ambulance service, but his true passion is for vehicles, maintenance, equipment and supplies. George has built a diverse team with a solid foundation and runs a system within the company that ensures everything is functioning at peak performance.


George Brewster Sr.
Senior Advisor

George Brewster, Sr. was the President and CEO of Brewster Ambulance Service for several decades and continued to proudly carry out his family's legacy until his sons Mark & George Jr. took the reins.  George continued to raise the bar in EMS and pushed for more recognition of EMS providers in the industry. He focused on customer service and always remembered that quality patient care comes first.


George remains a Senior Advisor at Brewster Ambulance Service and provides daily insight and mentorship to the Brewster Leadership Team.

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