Why is Capacity Important in EMS?

Brewster Ambulances at the hospital

Capacity is critical to delivering quality emergency medical services. In our 911 emergency municipalities, if we don't have sufficient vehicle or team coverage, we risk lives and the well-being of the patients we are here to serve.

We establish strategic alliances with firefighters, police, SWAT, medevac, marine and other resources to address disasters or multiple events. Many providers were not investing in capacity in their vehicles and equipment and patient care and quality degraded.

Because seconds count when delivering emergency transport and medical care, we have to have the people, equipment and vehicles to address as many scenarios and conditions as possible.



We go above what is asked for

Brewster Ambulances and EMTs

When we evaluate a new customer, we work with them to determine the required vehicles and team coverage necessary to deliver the results we seek for the highest quality service. Often in our experience, we invest in more than what is asked for. Why? Because we want to make sure we are able to perform based on our internal criteria for excellence.

That means we invest in new vehicles. New equipment and technology. Tested communications and dispatch. Leading edge training for our teams. But not just new—more than what is asked for.

We evaluate backup coverage and support our teams who make it happen in the field. We make sure that dispatch is communicating and sending trucks and teams to appropriate locations, whether pre-scheduled trips or critical care 911 emergencies.

Training and preparedness paves the road for capacity fulfillment

Brewster ATV

Before we invest in new equipment, vehicles or staffing we need to understand every customer's needs and balance those needs against our desire to provide the highest quality patient care and customer service.

This study takes the form of everything from evaluating traffic patterns to understanding a municipality's demographic profile to whether it struggles with crime, drug abuse or other social factors that can impact delivering emergency care services.

The data we collect and compile helps us select the right teams, appropriate coverage, strategic partnerships and types of equipment and vehicles necessary to deliver the Brewster level of quality. We repeat these evaluations over time and make adjustments so we are always on top of providing the best response times, quality and experiences to every patient and customer we serve.