Brewster Welcomes the City of Taunton to our Municipal Customer Family

Taunton ALS ambulance

On February 16, 2016, the City of Taunton released an RFP for Emergency Ambulance Services, for a contract term starting July 1, 2016 and ending June 30, 2019. Brewster Ambulance submitted a proposal on March 18, 2016. The awarding authority was comprised of the Mayor of Taunton, with the advice and counsel of the Fire Chief and Director of Municipal Finance. A month later, Taunton chose Brewster Ambulance as their new provider, ending a 25+ year engagement with AMR.

Brewster will be providing more ambulances and coverage to the City as well as paying the City an annual impact fee to subsidize the cost of Taunton Firefighters responding to 911 calls. This makes the sixth municipal 911 EMS contract that Brewster Ambulance has been awarded since July, 2011, when Brewster was given the nod to provide 911 emergency service to the Town of Middleboro.

Brewster Ambulances

An Ever-Evolving Christmas City: How Brewster Envisions Taunton’s Potential

The City of Taunton may be known for deep New England traditions, being one of the oldest Cities in the U.S., and a legacy of industry from textiles to ironworks, but how Brewster views Taunton is as a growing community with potential for diverse growth.

With any growth, however, come the demands of a well-planned first response system consisting of police, fire and EMS. To achieve the best results for the community and the City, these forces must work together in a cohesive, aligned effort to provide the best emergency response possible.

The proposal included the following highlights, which contributed to the City's decision to partner with Brewster:

  • Provide the requested emergency medical transport service to the City in compliance with all of the specifications and requested documentation contained within the City of Taunton Emergency Ambulance Services RFP as well as offer our recommendations based on experience and the anticipated demands of the City
  • Purchase and dedicate three (3) brand-new ALS ambulance vehicles equipped with the most current technology and capability with extensive backup coverage from nearby service areas and current Brewster clients such as Morton Hospital
  • The addition of a fourth ALS flex ambulance in lieu of the proposed BLS back-up ambulance

The City's 911-EMS decision committee noted that the increased coverage of four ALS ambulances weighed strongly in their decision to go with Brewster.  As with all of Brewster's engagements, our goal is to meet and/or exceed each customer's performance requirements, save costs, reduce EMS concerns, and provide exemplary, measurable results that add positively to every customer we serve while providing the utmost respect and quality care to patients.

Ramping Up for Service

Since receiving the news of the Taunton 911 contract award, the Brewster team has been busy ordering and readying new vehicles and supplies, planning team rotations as well as conducting mock road drills. Even though Brewster has had a Taunton location at 64 Weir Street and already has teams familiar with Taunton streets and traffic patterns, the new contract calls for increased training specific to the needs of emergency response. Brewster's goal is to provide expert service and safe, fast response times for the City of Taunton at the very start of the contract July 1.

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