9-1-1 EMS Municipal Profile: Town of Braintree

Braintree Crew

Better EMS Support for Braintree

On October 1, 2014, Brewster Ambulance Service took over the 9-1-1 emergency ambulance contract for the Town of Braintree, which had been previously held by Fallon Ambulance Service since 1998. Brewster was also awarded an extension from the Town of Braintree to their initial contract. The town claimed that no other company offered three dedicated ambulances with advanced life-saving equipment, such as heart monitors. At the time, Brewster Ambulance had five other ambulances in Braintree which were being used primarily for non-emergency services such as transfers to nursing homes or rehab facilities.

Brewster Ambulance also brought the Smart911™ system to Braintree, allowing residents to digitally store medical information in the Smart911 system so medics could have access to medical and other important information, which better prepared medics before they arrived on scene to treat patients. All in all, what Brewster offered Braintree included more comprehensive staffing and vehicle coverage, newer equipment and more community support.

Brewster Ambulance established two strategic base locations to reduce response time to the residents in Braintree, located at:

  • 11 Garden Park, Braintree, MA 02184
  • 20 Mill Lane, Braintree, MA 02184
Braintree ALS truck

Important milestones in Braintree

In the first year of service (2014-15), Brewster Ambulance was proud to have accomplished impressive milestones of service in Braintree including:

  • Deployment of three dedicated Braintree ALS vehicles (Paramedic 18, 19 and 20)
  • Average response time of less than 5 minutes
  • A total call volume of 3,980
  • Nearly 2,000 hours of training for Town personnel
  • Establishment of two garaging locations
  • Roll out of the Smart911 System with community-wide support and education
Braintree support fleet

In the more recent 2016-17 year, the statistics were also impressive:

  • Operated three advanced life support ambulances, consistently meeting contracted response times with a total of 3,738 responses
  • Conducted public CPR, AED and first aid training classes
  • Upgraded cardiac monitor/defibrillators on all dedicated ambulances
  • Provided additional coverage for special events and during holidays
  • Deployed multiple AEDs
Marge Crispin donations

Giving and supporting the braintree community

Every year Brewster Ambulance partners with the Town of Braintree and Marge Crispin Social Services to benefit children 3 to 12 years old in Braintree to collect toys at each of the two Brewster Ambulance bases in Braintree. All collected toys are donated to the Marge Crispin Center, which is a non-profit operated by Braintree Holiday/Friends, Inc.

Since the 1970s, the Marge Crispin Center has led the effort to support the residents of Braintree in need of food and emergency aid, as well as providing adult day care services to seniors in the surrounding area. We believe in this charity, and many others that contribute to the residents of the towns we serve and reside.

Braintree town hall

Demonstrating Commitment to Braintree and the South Shore

The South Shore is very special to Brewster Ambulance. More than 40% of our employees call the South Shore—and Braintree—home. There are even more among the Brewster family who have relatives and/or friends in these communities, and they are all deeply familiar with its celebrated qualities.

Active in local news are stories reporting the rising opiate epidemic plaguing the South Shore region. This impacts our coverage areas, the Towns we serve as well as our employees and their families who live in those communities. Because we feel this crisis is not only personal, but critically important, we are taking proactive steps to help mitigate and respond to this challenge including:

  • Testifying at special state Senate hearings on heroin abuse incidents and response practices, working closely with the state Department of Health and Human Services to find better pain management solutions
  • Educating and training police and fire in the use of Narcan and other heroin countermeasures
  • Using Toradol as a non-narcotic pain relief alternative
  • Equipping all first responders and vehicles with sufficient doses of Narcan as overdoses are increasingly difficult to reverse due to the amount of narcotic used
BAS Braintree crew

Helping Braintree's Unique Needs

Braintree has a textured history as well as continued projected growth. Its proximity to Boston, the coast and being situated at the crest of the very dense commuting corridor of I-93 and Route 3 makes Braintree a very busy, yet sought-after community to call home.

Another large draw is the South Shore Plaza, especially during the holiday shopping season. The traffic and amount of people traveling in and through this area doubles during the holiday shopping season, as the mall expands shopping hours and "photos with Santa" are all the rage. Because of this jump in volume, we provide extra coverage to this area and post ALS ambulances for fast response and easier access to the shopping area.

As with all of our municipalities, Brewster always provides supplemental coverage for special events, parades and holiday celebrations such as Braintree's Fourth of July, where the Stars and Stripes Parade, fireworks, live entertainment and food truck festival attract over 25,000 residents and visitors.

BAS Braintree ALS truck

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