9-1-1 Municipality Profile: Town of Middleboro

Great Beginnings for the First 9-1-1 Partnership

In 2010, Brewster Ambulance Service returned to service under new family leadership and a legacy of quality performance. Not long after, in 2011, Brewster Ambulance Service won its first municipal 9-1-1 Emergency Ambulance Service contract with the Town of Middleboro.

The highlights of the first three-year contract which started July 1, 2011 included:

  • One ALS (Advanced Life Support) ambulance staffed by two paramedics and one backup ALS ambulance
  • Dedicated personnel to staff an APCO-certified EMT/EMD for the PSAP position
  • Four Semi-Automatic External Defibrillators (SAEDs) to the Middleboro Fire Department, donating one AED to the Town of Middleboro to place in a municipal building without said equipment and train municipal employees to operate AED and CPR equipment
  • Offer five scholarships to an EMT class with a Brewster Ambulance Service mentoring program upon successful completion
  • Conduct quarterly CPR classes for town residents
  • Offer and open to the surrounding community Fire and Police Departments that provide mutual aid to the Town of Middleboro CPR, AED and First Responder training

Brewster Ambulance also purchased a building at 28 Wareham Street in Middleboro. This building needed extensive renovation to house ambulances and staffing. However, one primary ALS ambulance was to be permanently stationed at Middleboro's Fire Station located at 125 North Main Street.

Supporting the Community as a Whole

Not only did Brewster Ambulance Service come into Middleboro to provide 9-1-1 emergency ambulance service, transports, training for first responders and CPR classes for the community, the Brewster team also participated in town-wide events. Brewster Ambulance engages with the public at holiday parades and Krazy Days as well as community "touch-a-truck" events, first responder demonstrations and National Night Out. We also contribute to the Middleboro Matters drug awareness committee and Middleboro on the Move.

Educating the community in CPR and AED use and helping the public stay safe, hydrated and get first aid help they need during events is job one for the Brewster Ambulance medics. Giving back to the community through education is an important avenue to creating a more healthy, aware and safe public. We also awarded an EMT scholarship to a local high school student this past year.

Response Times and Coverage for a wide area

Middleboro is the second largest town by land area in Massachusetts, covering over 70 square miles. Providing the required response time averaging 9 minutes without exceeding 12 minutes in an area this large required Brewster Ambulance to strategically locate ambulances and station additional ambulances from nearby locations to provide back-up assistance as needed.

Response times and performance have been excellent during the contract term and support of the Fire and Police Departments in Middleboro helped Brewster Ambulance achieve another three-year contract renewal in 2014.

Smart 911™ Launched in 2014

On August 24, 2014, Brewster Ambulance Service announced the implementation of Smart911™ in conjunction with the EMS and ambulance service it was providing to the Town of Middleboro. Smart911 is a software database integration that provides first responders (local fire, police) and EMS paramedics critical patient information upon the 9-1-1 emergency call. Brewster also rolled out a community-wide outreach including Smart911™ education and enrollment assistance in partnership with the town.

Smart911 allows citizens to create a free, confidential Safety Profile at Smart911.com for their household that includes any information they want 9-1-1 and response teams to have in the event of an emergency. When a citizen makes an emergency call, their Safety Profile is automatically displayed to the 9-1-1 call taker, allowing them to send the right response teams to the right location with the right information. Responders can be aware of many details they would not have known previously such as:

  • Fire crews can arrive at a house fire knowing how many people live in the home and the location of bedrooms
  • EMS can be advised of allergies or specific medical conditions
  • Police can have the photo of a missing child in seconds rather than minutes or hours

Three for Three

On June 23rd, 2017, the town selectman voted unanimously to sign a third three-year contract with Brewster Ambulance Service that will run from July 1, 2017 to June 30, 2020. There was one unique factor about this third contract, however, that benefitted the Town of Middleboro: the contract will cost the town zero dollars.

Not only did this most recent contract eliminate the cost to the town, it also increased its service including more training and EMT scholarships for first responders, more donated AEDs and community CPR and first aid response training.

Brewster Ambulance Service looks forward to providing the best quality EMS care and education to the town's Police and Fire Departments, municipal employees and the community for many years to come and appreciates being a trusted partner.