9-1-1 Municipality Profile: City of Brockton


High pressures to launch two concurrent 9-1-1 municipal contracts 

Along with the City of Quincy, on July 1, 2015, Brewster Ambulance Service took over 9-1-1 emergency ambulance service for the City of Brockton, MA. The service began amidst a media storm driven by challenges by incumbent 9-1-1 emergency ambulance service providers for both Quincy and Brockton. Rising above these challenges which can accompany changeover from one provider to another, Brewster Ambulance completed a seamless overnight transition from June 30 to July 1.

The new leveled-up service at contract start included:

  • Four ALS ambulances and four BLS ambulances with tiered operation plus one ALS intercept vehicle
  • Fleet-wide additions include an enhanced trauma program, cardiac prevention and resuscitation techniques and deployment of BLS Narcan and bronchodilator administration on all BLS units
  • 12-Hour shifts, two locations, dedicated supervision
  • Smart 911™
  • Local dispatch communications center
  • Meeting all other criteria stipulated in Brockton's RFP
Brockton City Hall

Brockton City Hall

In 2017, Brewster Ambulance entered into the third year of contracted service. Here are a few highlights of the more current results we've achieved for Brockton:

  • Operated four ALS ambulances, four BLS ambulances and one ALS intercept supervisor, consistently meeting contracted response times with a total of 17,743 responses in the last year
  • Provided first responders nearly 500 hours of training in the last year
  • Conducted public CPR, AED and first aid training classes
  • Established three strategic base locations
  • Helped the city fight substance abuse in cooperation with The Champion Plan and provided overdose countermeasure training to first responders
  • Deployed multiple AEDs
  • Offered EMT scholarships with mentorships at Brewster Ambulance

Helping Brockton Become a Champion City

The City of Brockton is known for a variety of firsts, ranging from community-building events such as record-setting Santa hats worn to implementing the first underground electrical infrastructure dating back to the 1880s. Brockton has the history and the DNA of being a true leader and role model city in the Commonwealth.

After decades of challenges and economic hardships that have tested its unique and diverse populace, Brockton is fast becoming a city to watch. The refocus of the city is setting Brockton up to create another first in recovery and smart growth, restoring the attributes that had originally made it a hallmark community.

At Brewster, we value the roll-up-your-sleeves dedication it takes to make a business—or a place—great, and wanted to be part of the force that helps Brockton be the role model city it is already showing signs of becoming. This partnership extends to the challenges the city has had—as many cities throughout Massachusetts have had—regarding the opioid epidemic.

Brewster Ambulance has partnered with Brockton's city leaders, fire and police to support efforts to reduce the substance abuse epidemic. Launched on February 29th, 2016, the City of Brockton's Champion Plan is designed to provide easier access to treatment for anyone seeking help with drug addiction. The program is a partnership between the Office of Mayor Bill Carpenter, The Brockton Police Department, Stairway to recovery and Brewster Ambulance.

Over the past year, the program has received support from partners including Gosnold Treatment Center, Boston VA Healthcare System, High Point treatment Center, Spectrum Health Systems, Adcare Hospital, Norcap Lodge and Learn to Cope.

According to Wicked Local's article, Fighting Addiction in Brockton: The Champion Plan claims victory in round 1more than half of the people coming through the program are not Brockton residents, which is why the program is referred to as a "Brockton-based" program. There are hopes that the program will impact other areas by being a leader in community partnership-based rehabilitation and recovery programs.

Read more about Brewster's partnership in Brockton's Champion Plan here.

You can also join the Facebook group, Brockton Area Opioid Abuse Prevention Collaborative here.

BAS team with operation stay warm

Operation Stay Warm

Although the record-breaking winter of 2014/15 was no easy task for the Commonwealth let alone operating ambulances in multiple feet of snow, the winter of 2015/16 may have been one of the warmest in recent years. However, there were quite a few sub-zero temperature days that impacted the winter months in 2015/16.

Providing emergency 9-1-1 service in our municipalities, our team encounters a good amount of homeless and needy residents throughout the community, and Brockton is no different. As our team is out caring for these people during the extreme cold winter months, we noticed that many lacked the essentials to stay warm and prevent exposure that could lead to frostbite, hypothermia and possibly death due to being exposed to the freezing and inclement weather.

As a result, the Brewster family, team and volunteers got together to create cold-weather kits that included thermal socks, hats and gloves to be stocked on every ambulance and given out to the homeless, indigent or needy throughout their shifts. Coined "Operation Stay Warm," Brewster ambulance crews were able to help people on the street improve their ability to stay warm and dry during the coldest months, even if it was the "warmest" winter on record.

Read more about the Operation Stay Warm campaign, which Brewster Ambulance is repeating again this winter of 2017/18, here.


Delivering Amazing Results

Not surprisingly, nine months after Valentine's Day each year comes a bit of a baby boom. 2017 was no different. On the morning of November 15, Brockton Medic 2 team, William Lima Jr. and Rob Mershimer, CA6 team, Thomas Berninger and Sam Finney, and Brockton Fire Department Squad A assisted in the delivery of a baby girl. Later that same day, Brockton Medic 1 team, Meridith Girard McDonald and Chris MacLagan, CA5 team, Steve Hamilton and Mark Silvia, and Brockton Fire Department Engine 5 assisted in the delivery of a baby boy.

The "baby boom" deliveries extended into Quincy as well.  The same night, Quincy Paramedic 32 team, Kristin Beckler and Alan Fielding, and the Quincy Community Support crew assisted in the delivery of a healthy baby girl early the morning of 11/16/17. That may be a record for three field deliveries for Brewster crews in 24 hours—two in Brockton and one in Quincy. Here's to another happy Valentine's Day! The Brewster Ambulance team will be ready come November, 2018.

In those emergency deliveries, mother and baby were all reported healthy and fine. Not every emergency delivery goes quite so smoothly, which is why having skilled EMS professionals on scene is so critical. Earlier in the summer, on August 28, 2017, the P25 and Medic 4 Brewster team delivered a baby boy in the city of Brockton, which was comprised of Kasey Colligan, Allisen Polson and Mike Dickinson, along with the crew from Brockton Fire Ladder 1. Not only was there a language challenge, but the condition of the baby was distressed. The delivery was at the parent's home, and included tense moments as the umbilical cord was wrapped around the baby's neck three times. The teams remained calm and professional and were able to quickly untangle the newborn and complete a safe delivery and transport to the hospital in Brockton. All reports are that mom and baby are well, thanks to a concerted effort by these first responders.

Read more about this call in Kasey Colligan's Team Profile.

Additional stories covered by local media include:

July 7, 2016 Brockton crews providing rehab support to Brockton Fire Department at house fire

Brewster EMS assisting Brockton Fire/Management with 5 alarm fire @ 243 north Montello st (Brewster S-2, FS7, FS2 and Brockton CA's & Medic units)

Mark Brewster, Mayor Bill Carpenter, George Brewster Sr. and George Brewster Jr.

Mark Brewster, Mayor Bill Carpenter, George Brewster Sr. and George Brewster Jr.

True, Lasting Partnership with Brockton

Brewster Ambulance Service hosted the November 2017 Metro South Chamber of Commerce Meeting at the newest Brewster Ambulance facility in Brockton at 1555 Main Street. Topics included discussions regarding new business investments for the city of Brockton and how local business leaders can contribute to the ongoing success of Brockton.

As we continue our contracted partnership and growth in Brockton, we strive to bring the best EMS skills and experience held within our team, field-tested equipment and reliable performance that makes this a solid partnership benefitting all of the residents and visitors to Brockton.